Paradox Lust

by Fractal Caravan

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Andrew Scandal
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Andrew Scandal Take Fela, James Brown, Manu Chao, and Jimi and throw them into the heart of NYC and you've got Fractal Caravan! Favorite track: Break The Spell.
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released April 15, 2014



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Fractal Caravan New York, New York


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Track Name: Break The Spell
Break The Spell
by Edwin Quirk

I've seen you walk into a room
& soon transform it into a party
I've heard you talking to buffoons,
humoring them, so they could feel smarter than you

But I know the real thing when I see it
& it's rare that I'm mistaken
Either your top-hat is filled with rabbits
or you're just really good at faking it
You break the spell, you make it work
You break the habit & it works just like a charm,
just like a charm
They say if we really want it,
we better grab it before somebody else takes it,
But I think it's just the force of habit that's bringing us down,
until we turn around & break it
I know your smile is gonna melt my armor
while your laughter keeps banishing my demons
& when I can't even feel anything at all anymore,
except your body,
then I'll be savvy
No, there was never any enemy
When we break the spell, we make it work...
Track Name: Keep Me Movin'
Keep Me Movin'
by Edwin Quirk

It's pretty risky picking up nickels
whenever you go strolling in front of steamrollers
Did black swans just fly out of my blind spot?
Maybe we're all outliers, only nobody told us

Please allow me to iterate nobody in this world
ain't never seen nothing like you yet
So just let your life be what you make it
& what you really want is gonna be what you get

You pull me in to your feedback loop, now I feel so positve
Yeah, I finally get it, now I know what it is I got to give
You keep me movin, you keep me movin,
You keep us movin'
at the velocity of possibility
No it ain't too late for us to make a bifurcation
into all this creeping normalcy
But we can't just sit around & wait for an explanation
on the right way to manipulate hidden forces

Please allow me to reiterate that nobody in this world
ain't never seen nothing like you yet
So just let your life be what you make it
& what you really want is gonna be what you got
Track Name: The Best Listener
The Best Listener
by Edwin Quirk

Did I just will you into existence
or maybe I'm just a figment of your mind
Am I reading too much into things,
because everywhere I look, I see the signs

While your smile is so sublime,
the messages you're sending are still feeling subliminal
You're so good, you could seduce yourself
The way you've been invading my headspace
ought to be criminal
You're the best listener I've ever heard
You're the realest being I've ever seen
I can see things going the way you say
Yours is the story that I wanna be in
Are you just tickling my temporal lobe
Because lately, I seem to be sensing a presence
Is it your aura that I've been adoring,
or just plain old bioluminescence

Baby, the way you gaze at me has become my panacea
& when I can't see you, I just keep popping placebos

Have you been slipping me anti-gullibility pills?
Is the way that you really are, the way that I've been seeing you?
Track Name: One Taste
One Taste
by Edwin Quirk

You know where to put your locus of control
to finally remove the impossible obstacles

Andy knew everybody
is gonna get their fifteen minutes of anonymity
where there ain't nothing to pay but attention
& nothing to do, but just be
One taste, you'll never forget
All it takes is one taste & you'll never forget
Yeah I've been often wrong, but I ain't never been in doubt
Let's strip it down to the here & now
Find out what the sensation is all about
Track Name: Enjoy Your Dreams
Enjoy Your Dreams
by Edwin Quirk

Can you help me remember who I am?
I'm not usually like this, I'm sure I used to be a different man.
Then who was it, pulling my dragging bones across all these years?
Just let me look at you, c'mere & be my magic mirror.
Wake up, enjoy your dreams
Wake up, enjoy your dreams
because reality just ain't what it seems
Am I a slave to passion or can I pen the master plan?
Can they see right through me?
Am I man or hologram?
Then just like that, I snap right into it
I remember what I've got, it's called anamnesia
I know no one really knows you,
but now I'm pretty sure, that I need ya
Track Name: Quantum Medicine
Quantum Medicine
by Edwin Quirk

I was uncertainly prepared to meet you
People wondered, "Is this cat alive or dead?"
Of course it was totally random, the way we met
But now it feels like synchronicity instead
Dose me with your quantum medicine
I feel so ill, mama come thrill me until I'm well again
Dose me with your quantum medicine
Don't make it quick, I can't predict
when you're gonna come again
Your eyes are just like two kaleidoscopes
But your subtle movements,
oh they're so hypnotic
I feel so freaking fractal in your magic circle girl
while the world outside grows more & more chaotic
I'm through being cocooned within all this chaos
Now I'm a butterfly inside your hurricane
I'm gonna take a chance on you
because I don't know when you're gonna come again
Track Name: Outta My Head
Outta My Head
by Edwin Quirk

I've been walking on eggshells wondering,
"Why'd I ever tie myself to this yolk?"
Ain't it funny, bands we're laughing about now,
back in the day, we'd say "they ain't no joke"
I tend to put it outta my head
until it ends up bringing down my heart
Can't get it outta my brain because it feels like
it's been tearing my mind apart

Gotta get you outta my head
I've got to get back to where I started
If I can't get you outta my head,
I'm gonna pick up where I left off
Yeah, I got a little too excited about things I shouldn't have
Why fire with fire?... when you know water
or even earth would be easier than that
All them problems I never rooted out,
they sprouted up into new regrets
& all them troubles I swept under the rug,
they keep me tripping so I can't forget
But now I don't put it outta my head
until it ends up bringing down my heart
Couldn't get it out of my brain because
It felt like it's been tearing my mind apart

No, I don't want you outta my head
I just wanna get back to where we started
Since I can't get you outta my head
I'm gonna put you where my heart is
Yeah, you're where my heart is
Track Name: Become Invisible
Become Invisible
by Edwin Quirk

C'mon, it ain't that hard to see or even write the future
Just step back & erase your past
until you find which karma suits you

It's gonna be better than you ever thought
even though now it seems so new to you
I'll read your body language right & soon
we'll be rewriting the kama sutra
Let's become invisible tonight
I know ways to make us disappear from sight
They say all the great artists are already dead
& every sin has been committed
But we believe nothing is true
& it seems that everything is permitted
Let's become invisible tonight
I know ways to make us disappear from sight
All it takes is me & you to make it right
We can become invisible tonight
Track Name: A Little More
A Little More
by Edwin Quirk

If Orpheus had just faced straight ahead,
maybe Narcissus would have looked over his shoulder
If Tantalus talked to Sisyphus about his drinking problem,
Maybe they could've both got the ball rolling
But no, they wanted a little bit more
& who couldn't use a little more ?
Gimme just a little bit, all I need's a little bit
more & more & more
Why is that scarab beetle
pushing his load of crap across the desert sands?
& couldn't Prometheus have just bummed a light
from somebody nicer?
Hold your head up high & take another deep breath
because Aquarius is about to flood the Age of Pisces
And you deserve a little bit more...
Track Name: Feel Space Age
Feel Space Age
by Edwin Quirk
You're a strange attractor, baby
Yeah, you've got pull, you're so magnetic
No you ain't like all them other space cadets,
who keep on acting so telepathetic

The way your heavenly body moves
'round & 'round til morning
Even Mama Tierra knows,
hers ain't the only globe that's warming
Stay young, feel space age,
Stay young, feel space age
Our cosmic DJ keeps our favorite space rock spinnin'
Until the end of everything turns into the beginning

This rocket's about to blast off,
unless you want the countdown to be postponed
I'd rather cool my jets & wait for you girl,
than enter eternity alone
The way your heavenly body moves
'round & 'round til morning
Even Mama Tierra knows,
hers ain't the only globe that's warming

We know our craft ain't never come this far,
so there's no predicting where we're going
We're the ones who get to push the envelope
while we're navigating the unknown