The Secret Ingredient EP

by Fractal Caravan

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The Secret Ingredient EP is a mini concept album about learning
to embrace the mystery of the unknown.

Completed right before our bassist Fabio moved back to Colombia
in late 2015,
& recorded live together in one day,
(with only the vocals overdubbed later),
it stands in stark contrast to the kitchen sink approach
we used for our debut album, Paradox Lust.

it is also the story of 3 musicians,
mindful that money was tight & time was tighter,
just enjoying playing their asses off together,
to create songs that are minimal, funky, & good.

It is a snapshot in time,
of a unique rock & roll band
finding it's roots while reaching for the cosmos.



released December 22, 2015

Guitars, Vocals- Edwin Quirk
Bass, Backround Vox- Fabio Montenegro
Drums- David Cornejo

All songs written by Edwin Quirk
Produced by Fino El Barbaro & Edwin Quirk

Recorded live at The Cutting Room Studio, NYC
Vocal Overdubs recorded at 2 Fine Studio, Brooklyn

Mixed by Daniel Boyle at Rolling Lion Studios
(Lee Scratch Perry)
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
(Ramones, Talking Heads, Bowie)

All Rights Reserved 2016



all rights reserved


Fractal Caravan New York, New York


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Track Name: The Secret Ingredient
The Secret Ingredient

by Edwin Quirk

You always make the best of what you've got
You don't like nobody else stirring your pot
You find a way to come & somehow fill my cup
While you're adding just a pinch to wake me up
I know what it is that you've got
What make yours such a tasty dish
Yeah I know what it is that you've been cooking with

You keep a secret ingredient
You keep a secret
You never mind when I tell you we've got company
You say you know a way to turn two meals into three
My mouth keeps watering while you let things simmer down
So I reached into your drawers & you know what I found
Now I know what it is that you've got
What makes your soul food heaven-sent
Yeah, I know what it is that you've been cooking with

You keep a secret ingredient
You keep a secret...
Track Name: Demand the Impossible
Demand the Impossible

by Edwin Quirk

Charming ruins advertise "Life Is Elsewhere"
while apathy breeds inside the concrete
Which of us will get to end up dying of comfort?
& who's gonna find the beach beneath the streets?
Be realistic, demand the impossible
Beauty is in the streets, boredom kills

Can we abolish our own alienation?
& forget everything we've ever been taught
If you wanna live without dead time, start by dreaming,
& open up the windows to your heart
Be realistic, demand the impossible,
Beauty is in the streets, boredom kills

Everybody wants to breathe
How can we break free of our own inner chains?
They bought our happiness from us, it's time to steal it back,
& learn to unbutton our own brains
Be realistic, demand the impossible,
Beauty is in the streets, boredom kills
Track Name: One Way
One Way

by Edwin Quirk

You won't see it on your tv
No you can't order it online
You might search high & low for it
Still it somehow sneaks up behind ya

I couldn't tell you on your cellphone
And who reads the writing on the wall?
No, your favorite band, they don't promote it
And it ain't on sale on the mall
One way, one way
One way to find out
One way, there's only one way to find out
& that's to...
Religions, they all promise it
But whoever's got, they don't advertise
You might glimpse it in a dream one night,
Just to watch it disappear before your waking eyes

We could argue until I'm blue,
still it may never enter your mind
In one ear & out the other
But it just might come to you in time
One way... & that's to...
Track Name: Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang

by Edwin Quirk

Must the poet always follow the soldier?
Just like they keep questioning our every exclamation
The best way to get into it, is to to get out-
Make the open road your only destination

You behave just like a wave
& then I react like a particle
Are you gonna scratch my itch tonight?
Or just give my ribs a little tickle?
Yes I am the yang to your yin
& I just wanna end up where you begin
Then I'm gonna stop-
Long enough to get you started
Treat me gentle, I'll try my hardest
Yeah, it's easy to see the humor
when it's happening to somebody else
But when it's you, it's so tragic
Should we really put all our faith in science?
Does it all add up to calculated magic?
Yes, you are the yang to my yin...
Does the dragon even notice
that's he's devouring his own tail?
Do you see two people talking face to face?
or maybe that's the Holy Grail
Yes, we are the yin to their yang...